This article was featured in the Stowe Guide and Magazine, Winter 2008-09

I am outdoors all the time in the harsh and rugged climate. Winters are dry and I have very sensitive skin. I need to shave everyday but can only use natural moisturizers. I use Snow Cream and love it. Thanks for making such a great product.
Dave Merriam
Director, Stowe Ski and Snowboard School ~ Stowe, VT

A cat scratched my daughter below her eye, leaving a scar. We started using Snow Cream on it and it really helped. REALLY HELPED. The scar just seemed to shrink and vanish. It is wonderful. And Insect Free repellent not only works for us but also for our pets. I use it because I know it is safe.
Colette Skundberg-Radtke Organic Valley Coop ~ La Valle, WI

I use Snow Lotion everyday after my daily workout. Snow Lotion is healing for my dry winter skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. I use it every single day because it feels so good on my skin.I love Snow Lotion.
Carolyn ~ Waterbury, VT


Our whole gardening crew loves Insect Free bug repellent. We deal with all types of bugs that pester us throughout the summer and have found Insect Free to be the most user friendly. It does not leave a greasy film and does not sting. It is actually pleasant smelling. I feel totally safe using Insect Free because it is natural.
Kristie McCarthy Robertson Covered Bridge Gardens ~ Stowe, VT

As a stonemason/gardener, my hands are perpetually rough, dry and cracked. Over the years I have used different moisturizers to alleviate this problem but none have worked as quickly as Snow Remedy salve. This luxurious salve is the perfect treat for my skin after a hard day’s labor. I’ve found it also makes an attractive glossy lip balm and is a wonderful deep treatment for sun scoured arms and legs.
Margaret O. Pitkin Stonemason ~ Craftsbury, VT

I am a yoga and Gyrotonic teacher and am barefoot all the time. Because of that, my feet get very dry and sometimes I get splits (deep painful splits) on the bottoms of my toes from jumping back into certain postures. I tried everything to moisturize and heal the cracks but nothing worked until Snow Remedy. It was truly amazing how quickly I saw a difference in my feet. When I use Snow Remedy regularly, my feet heal completely and that hasn’t happened since I started teaching yoga three years ago! Snow Remedy is incredible!
Amber Eisenbraun Registered Yoga Teacher ~ Boston, MA

I work on the mountain, so I am outside all winter. This winter I had a bad case of frostbite: my skin was swollen and burned. I used Snow Cream and it was fantastic. It healed right up. I use the cream every day now and use Snow Remedy salve for protection on colder days. I LOVE THEM!
Tom Ashworth Stowe Ski School Supervisor ~ Stowe, VT

I have had chilblaines for years and have never found a cream or ointment that cures them – until I tried Snow Remedy. Within a couple of weeks the chilblaines healed with no blisters, as well as the winter cracks I had on my thumbs. Quite amazing! I now use Snow Remedy for any skin problems that I get.
Irene Bareau ~ Stowe, VT